Breeze Plus Cherry Lemon 0% Nicotine Review

The Canadian based company Breeze vape has come up with an innovative way to replace the traditional combustion cigarette. These disposable devices offer an easy and convenient way to quit smoking cigarettes.

The Breeze Plus Cherry Lemon is one of the best selling flavors. It blends cherries and sour lemons to create a delightful vape.

Sweet and Sour

A combination of sweet cherries and sour lemons creates a flavor that is both tangy and delicious. If you are looking for a sour vape that will keep you going all day then this is the right flavor for you!

There is a lot of variety in the sweet and sour flavors that Breeze Plus offers. You can find many different types of flavors including grape soda, gum mint, lemon mint and lush ice.

These are all great tasting flavors and are unique to a lot of vapes. You will definitely want to try them out!

Another great flavor that is a popular choice amongst Breeze Plus customers is whiskey sour. It is a mixture of whiskey and citrus fruits that has been around for centuries. Sailors and pirates used to mix this drink when they were at sea and believed that it helped prevent disease. They mixed spirits with lemons and other citrus fruits for added vitamin C.

Tobacco Flavor

If you are looking for a vape that delivers on all fronts, look no further than Breeze Plus Cherry Lemon. Not only does it have the highest capacity (800 puffs) in the biz, but it also has a 650mAh battery, which means you can take it with you wherever you go. It also has the most innovative e-liquid formula in the form of TFN Oil. The most impressive thing about this e-liquid is that it contains no tobacco constituents. In fact, it is a synthetic nicotine derivative that has been engineered to give you a taste sensation without the downsides of traditional nicotine products.

If you are on the hunt for a dazzlingly coloured e-liquid with a bit of oomph, then you are in luck because the Breeze Plus has a large inventory of flavors to choose from. Some of the more interesting options include Blueberry Mint, Bubble Gum Freeze, and Lush Ice. The best part is that you can find them all at your local vape store!

Variety of Flavors

Breeze Plus Cherry Lemon is the perfect combination of sweet cherries and sour lemons. It is a flavor that will take you back to those hot summer days when your grandma made an ice cold glass of pink lemonade for you. This is one of the best vapes out there and is sure to be a favorite. For those that want a sweet, but not too sugary, vape flavor, Breeze Plus Cherry Lemon 0% Nicotine is the way to go! It is a disposable vape that comes with an 800 puff capacity and a 3.5 mL bottle. It also has a robust 650 mAh battery.

0% Nicotine

The 0% nicotine version of Breeze Plus Cherry Lemon is a delightful twist to a classic disposable vape. This non-nicotine vape offers the same 800 puff capacity and 10 flavors that Breeze smokers love, but without any of the addictive nicotine content. This is an ideal option for people who want to quit smoking but still enjoy the sensation of a fresh vape. The 0% nicotine version of this product is also available in other flavor combinations, such as Mint and Blueberry. The variety of e-juice options will satisfy your cravings and keep you coming back for more. The 0% Nicotine version of this product is not recommended for use by children, pregnant women, or persons with a known allergy or sensitivity to nicotine.

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