Garage Door Repair and Maintenance In Pearland Texas

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Your garage door and opener get used almost every day, so they can be subject to some wear and tear. Regular maintenance can help keep them running smoothly.

If your garage door partially opens and stops short of being fully open, the up-limit switch may need to be moved closer to the motor unit. This is usually a job for a professional.

Torsion Springs

Torsion springs provide a controlled motion when opening and closing a garage door, preventing the jerking that can cause other parts to wear out prematurely. They are available in a variety of sizes and can be upgraded to high cycle springs for increased lifecycle.

When replacing a broken torsion spring, you will need to measure the wire diameter and coil-to-coil length of the broken part. Pull both spring halves together on a flat surface and use a tape measure to obtain the 10-coil and 20-coil measurements.

Using these measurements will help ensure that your replacement springs will match the size of the old ones and that they are properly wound. We also recommend that you measure the wind direction on your existing springs, as this will be important when ordering new springs.


Most garage door problems are caused by worn-out or un-lubricated rollers. Keeping your garage door properly lubricated will help prevent rust and extend the life of the rollers and tracks.

Rollers are available in a wide variety of materials and sizes. Choose the one that is best for your application. For example, rollers made with zinc or stainless steel are designed to resist corrosion in high-moisture environments.

To replace the top roller, loosen and bend the vertical track a little by using the claw end of your hammer to pry back the side. Then insert the new roller and secure it with the roller retainer.


Hinges are a crucial component of sectional garage doors. They allow them to open and close smoothly and prevent damage to the door panels.

Over time, hinges can become rusty. When this happens, it may be necessary to replace them. Homeowners can often spot signs that their garage door hinges are starting to wear out, such as when they notice that the door isn’t opening as easily as it did before.

When replacing hinges, it’s important to use thicker gauge sizes than what came with your garage door. Thinner hinges are cheaper but also less durable and tend to wear out faster. Using the right hinges will ensure that your garage door continues to function properly for years to come. Also, be sure to lubricate them regularly.

Weather Seals

If your garage door isn’t properly protected it can be vulnerable to damage from rain, snow and cold. Even a small gap can let water seep in to soak your floor, rot or freeze creating a layer of ice under the door. It can also allow rodents, roaches and other pests to make their way inside where they can chew your cars or personal belongings.

A weather seal is a simple home repair that helps to prevent these problems. There are two basic types of garage door bottom seals – brush seal and reverse angle mount seal. They consist of a metal retainer with an exchangeable brush or foam insert that closes a gap around the bottom of your door. Brush seals tend to last five years or more but check them regularly for potential draughts by gently pushing on the seal.


The motor is the component that controls when and how the door moves up and down. However, it relies on the springs for most of its actual pulling power.

If the garage door won’t open, it can often be a simple problem such as a low battery in the wireless remote control or mounted keypad. It’s also possible that leaves or debris are blocking the sensors.

If the garage door is running and stopping short of fully opening, it’s often because the up-limit switch needs to be moved closer to the motor unit. This is a common problem that usually shows up right after a new opener is installed. It’s easily fixed by moving the switch up or down on the end of the track toward the motor unit. Visit Us If You need Garage Door Repair in Pearland TX.

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