High-Strength Nicotine Vaping: The Ascendance in the UK

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A captivating new study conducted by researchers at the prestigious University College London (UCL) and published in the esteemed Addiction journal has shed light on a remarkable trend sweeping across the United Kingdom – the skyrocketing popularity of high-strength nicotine vaping products.

The Dramatic Shift in Vaping Habits

The researchers delved deep into the vaping habits of 7,314 adults in England, meticulously tracking the changes in nicotine levels used between July 2016 and January 2024. The findings paint a vivid picture of a seismic shift in the vaping landscape, with a staggering increase in the number of people embracing e-liquids at or above the UK’s highest legally available nicotine level of 20 milligrams per milliliter (mg/ml).

  • In June 2021, only 6.6% of the surveyed group used the highest-strength vapes.
  • By January 2024, this figure had escalated to 32.5% of users.

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