RAW Organic Hemp Rolling Papers

RAW Organic Hemp Rolling Papers are made from organically grown hemp that’s processed using a pure water method to maintain certain natural hemp properties and a small amount of flax plant starch as a binder.

These papers are eco-friendly and a great choice for any cannabis smoker who wants to smoke cleanly. They are also slow burning and completely additive-free, making them the perfect paper for any smoker who cares about their health.


Hemp is an eco-friendly plant-based fibre that has a long history and has been cultivated on nearly every continent. It can be used to make paper, canvas, ropes and clothes.

It requires less land than cotton or flax for production and is a CO2 negative crop. It also releases much lower toxins into the soil and ecosystem.

In addition, hemp can be cultivated using very little to zero irrigation water. This makes it highly sustainable, especially when it’s grown organically.

Hemp fabric is an excellent option for eco-friendly clothing. It requires less energy for manufacturing and transportation than cotton, and it is usually made from the hemp plant itself rather than chemicals.

Slow Burning

Hemp is a natural, non-addictive alternative to tobacco. It does not contain nicotine and has a much lower carbon footprint than cigarettes.

Hemp rolling papers burn a lot slower than standard joint paper, which can lead to a more relaxed smoking experience. They also burn cleaner than joint paper that has been bleached.

If you’re looking for a slow-burning joint paper, you should consider buying raw organic hemp papers. These papers are made from unbleached hemp fibers and feature a natural gum Arabic strip that will keep your joint together without crumbling.

RAW’s organic hemp papers are one of the most eco-friendly options out there, and they’re a popular choice among health-conscious smokers. They’re watermarked for a slow, even burn and are thin and lightweight.

Zig-Zag is the oldest rolling paper brand in the world (it’s been around for over 140 years). These Organic Hemp papers are some of the best rolling papers on the market. They’re incredibly thin, unbleached, and have an all-natural gum Arabic strip.

Natural Gum Strip

RAW Organic Hemp rolling papers are made of organically grown, chlorine free, pure hemp that is minimally processed in an eco-friendly manner. These 1-1/2 size papers feature RAW’s patented CrissCross run-preventing watermark and are translucent brown in color.

They’re also thicker and more durable than standard papers. They are an excellent choice for a wake-and-bake session or a mid-day smoke because they’re able to hold a lot of weed without tearing or breaking.

Whether you’re looking for a standard paper or a hemp-based option, there are plenty of choices available to keep you satisfied. Hemp papers are a favorite for several reasons, including their natural, clean, and smooth smoking experience.

Hemp rolling papers also usually include a natural gum strip that sticks to your joint with a little bit of moisture. This is an effective way to keep your joints sealed and to add more flavor to your smoke.


If you’re looking for a rolling paper that will give you a smooth, clean burn every time you smoke, then look no further than RAW Organic Hemp Creaseless 1 1/4 Rolling Papers. These papers are made of 100% pure hemp, giving you a smoking experience that’s as clean and natural as possible.

These paper rolls come in Single Wide, King Size Slim, and 1 1/4 sizes, and they can be curated according to your preference! They are also additive-free, which means they’re a good choice for smokers who want to have a healthier smoking experience.

These papers are a great way to try out the quality of RAW. They’re made from organic hemp that’s grown without chlorine and processed in an eco-friendly manner. They’re also extremely thin, allowing air to pass through the joint for a slow burn and clean smoke.

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