Fume Extra Disposable 1500 Puffs: Unleash the Ultimate Vaping Experience

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Fume Extra Disposable 1500 Puffs is a portable and discreet pod vaping device with a 6ml pre-filled e-liquid, 850mAh built-in battery, and a capacity for 1500 puffs. It offers three times more liquid and battery life than the average disposable vape pod.

Super rich flavors and super smooth hits build Fume Extra into one of the best disposable vapes online.

850mAh Battery

Designed for simplicity, Fume Extras are the perfect choice for vapers who enjoy a hassle-free and convenient vaping experience. These disposable vapes are easy to use: just remove the device from its packaging, insert a fresh pod and inhale. Its 850mAh battery and 6ml pre-filled e-liquid ensure that you will have plenty of puffs to last all day long.

Each Fume Extra Disposable Vape is rated to provide 1500 puffs of delicious salt nicotine flavor. This is three times more liquid and battery life than the average disposable pod vape.

The LED light on the Fume Extra will blink when it is time to recharge or replace the pod. It will also indicate that the battery is out of power or that there is no e-liquid left in the pod.

6ml Pre-filled Pod

Fume Extra is a disposable pod vape with a 6ml pre-filled pod, a 850mAh battery and a 5% salt nicotine base. It offers 1500 puffs and can last 3-4 days without the need for recharging.

These vaporizers are draw-activated, so all you have to do is inhale to start puffing. They are convenient to use and provide a respectable amount of clouds. They are also very cost effective compared to traditional cigarettes, especially for medium or heavy smokers.

These devices offer a variety of fun and delicious flavors. From fruity to creamy to icey, these are sure to please any taste. Try the refreshing Banana flavor, the tart blue raspberry flavor of Blue Razz or luscious watermelon of Lush Ice. Each flavor offers a unique experience with different levels of nicotine strength.

5% Salt Nicotine

Fume Extra disposable pod vapes offer a very similar experience as smoking a real cigarette but without the second hand smoke or unpleasant smell. They also allow for a much more cost effective alternative to traditional cigarettes, especially for heavier smokers.

Featuring a dependable battery performance (850mAh) and more than 1500 puffs per device, the Fume Extra is perfect for those who prefer simplicity without sacrificing flavor variety. 5% salt nicotine ensures a smooth, satisfying hit every time.

Fume Extra comes in a variety of incredible flavors, from fruity banana to sweet cotton candy, to tart blue raspberry and refreshing Lush Ice. This versatile salt nicotine disposable is a great option for newbies hoping to switch to a vape that doesn’t require refilling or charging, or even for experienced users needing more extreme puffs.

Compact & Convenient

With a sleek and compact design, Fume Extra disposable vapes are easy to transport. They fit easily into your pocket or bag, so you can take your favorite flavor with you wherever you go. They are draw-activated, so all you need to do is inhale to start enjoying your vapor.

There are many delicious flavors available from the Fume brand, including fruity options like tangerine ice and pineapple ice, as well as menthol varieties such as mint ice. If you prefer a creamier flavor, there are dessert options like fresh vanilla and pina colada. And for those who crave the taste of a cigarette, there is also a Cuban tobacco option.

Fume Extra disposables come in three different models: the Mini, the Extra and the Ultra. Each model offers a different number of puffs, battery capacity and nicotine strength.

Variety of Flavors

Fume Extra has a wide selection of delicious flavors. From fruity punches to refreshing menthols, the company’s flavor menu is sure to have something for you.

For example, Lush Ice is a refreshing watermelon flavor that satisfies your thirst without making you feel too full. Alternatively, Blueberry Mint offers the sweet and cool flavor of ripe blueberries and mint.

There are also mellower options like Infinity Peach Iced, which is perfect for moments when you need to calm down and relax. This flavor is reminiscent of a juicy peach orchard and will instantly soothe your palate.

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